3DO Magazine (Japan), Issue 9, May/June 1995

By the time of the May/June 1995 issue of the 3DO Magazine, the 3DO’s fortunes had already faded considerably. The Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation were building momentum, and the 3DO struggled now that it faced two serious challengers. Around this time, 3DO ads in Japan (as well as America) started to emphasize the 3DO’s library, which was still larger than the Saturn and PlayStation libraries (at least for a little while longer). But the problem was that the vast majority of these games did not appeal to Japanese gamers. Western dreck like PaTaank and Jurassic Park Interactive was of limited interest, and curiosities like Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race (Wacky Races) weren’t cutting it in the face of competition like Jumping Flash! and Panzer Dragoon.

The 3DO was able to stave off death for around another year due to a handful of games that were initially exclusive to the system, although nearly all of them were ported to Saturn or PlayStation within a few months. Chief among these was WARP’s D no Shokutaku, an artful horror adventure that made heavy use of CG FMV. It was a hit upon its release exclusively for the 3DO in April, but it was ported to the Saturn in July, then the PlayStation in December, quickly robbing the 3DO of one of its few notable exclusives.

An excellent port of SNK’s Neo-Geo fighter, Samurai Spirits, released in February (oddly, under its Western title, Samurai Shodown, even in Japan), is another ray of hope, as is Konami’s Policenauts, which had a “Pilot Disk” release (essentially an overpriced, glorified demo) in April preceding its September release. But the 3DO is rapidly turning into a dumping ground for multimedia shovelware and soft porn, never a good sign for a platform’s future prospects.

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3DO Magazine, Issue 9, May/June 1995 cover.
Panasonic’s ads for their 3DO REAL II (FZ-10) model emphasized the 3DO’s existing library, which was larger than the Sega Saturn or Sony PlayStation libraries at the time.
Dennou Hyouryuu: Multimedia Cruising is the kind of experimental experience that briefly thrived on the 3DO, but its appeal to the Japanese market was limited.
The 3DO’s Samurai Shodown port was popular enough that it was still receiving coverage several months after its release.